Disinfection Services for Commercial Properties in South Orange County, CA

Clean the surfaces in your commercial property in South Orange County, CA, with help from Paul Davis. COVID-19 is a legitimate danger to public health and we’re doing our part to help you make your business safe by providing professional decontamination services. During this global pandemic, we’re in a unique position to provide the extensive cleaning services our community needs to stay safe.

Keeping Your Company Safe

Your safety and the safety of our employees is always the number one priority at Paul Davis, and this remains the same, even with this pandemic. When it comes to the viral pandemic, the staff from Paul Davis is staying up-to-date on information from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and other authorities in the medical field. We can verify that we take the necessary measures for everyone’s well-being and safety.

We Take the Necessary Steps for You

At Paul Davis, we assure you that we take all the necessary precautions in keeping good hygiene. We abide by the CDC guidelines and wash our hands on a regular basis for 20 seconds with soap, use hand sanitizer, keep a recommended distance of six feet from people and clean surfaces that come in contact on a consistent basis.

Our goal is to provide safety to organizations within South Orange County, CA, and this is even more important with COVID-19. This is how we can help out your company:

  • Our expert contractors will clean your facility by utilizing disinfectants extensively.
  • We are EPA and FDA approved against most common viruses.
  • We meet stringent standards.

You Can Help Us Keep Everyone Safe

If those working in the building are experiencing cold or flu symptoms, please let us know in advance. Our contractors specialize in sanitizing and disinfecting a variety of commercial properties across South Orange County, CA. You can trust us to remove viruses or bacteria from every surface.

COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning
COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning